Thursday, January 3, 2013

HTC One S Jelly Bean update is available Now
As the times go by, the number of smartphone on the market that are running on the Google’s owned Android operating system is now nothing short of huge. Many high end smartphone manufacturer use the Android operating system on many of their smartphone models thus has taken quite a long time for manufacturers to roll out updates for the new Android Jelly Bean operating system.

One of the top manufacturer of Android OS based smartphone is HTC. The Taiwanese based company has unveiled several high-end devices during the 2012 such as the flagship One X model followed up with an upgraded version called the HTC One X+.

The One X+ come with Android Jelly Bean out of box, but the HTC One X ships with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as a standard. It has been a while for the latest Jelly Bean updates to reach the phone in some markets, but almost all of the markets are now started to receive the Jelly Bean updates.
Another smartphone that received a lot hype last year was the One S. this is mid-range smartphone that was launched alongside the HTC One X flagship model. If you are the proud owner of the International version of the HTC One S, then there is a good news that the Android Jellybean updates has started to roll out in a number of markets worldwide.

HTC already in the process of sending out notification to the user that a firmware update is available and if you did not received it you can check it manually by going to the setting menu on the phone. It is the best you update the phone via a Wi-Fi network.

After performing the update, that phone's performance would be vastly improved as it uses project butter. There is also a feature called Google Now. Other changes include more performance enhancements, more efficient battery consumption and redesigned on screen keyboard and notifications menus.

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