Monday, March 11, 2013

HTC One Ultrapixel Camera's To Be Used In Mid-Range Models

HTC is expected to further increase the usage of its latest and impressive ultrapixel camera technology to its midrange mobile phones after the technology was used in the latest HTC’s flagship the HTC One.  One is the first device in the HTC line up to fully utilised this ground-breaking new imaging technology, whereby it allow more light to be captured via the camera’s 4MP sensor.

HTC further explained that instead of increasing their phones camera resolution, HTC decide to use a modest 4MP cameras that include a sensor of ⅓ inches which in turn allow each of the individual pixel captured to be larger thus enable far better light capture as well. This technology combined with built in optical image stabilisers that allow the device to capture better photo in low light conditions even without using flash. This technology was similar to the one in the Nokia Windows Phone flagship, the Lumia 920’s Pureview.

By eliminating the need for a flash it allow more natural colours to seep through which normally would be reduced by the flash plus it also alter the ambient light and vivid colour moods that the photographer try to expressed.

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Many analyst predict that the HTC One is the Taiwanese company last ever chance to establish as one of giants in the smartphone industry that are dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple. Analyst are predicting this as even the launch of much hyped HTC Butterfly failed to increase the market share in the world smartphone market. 

HTC recent financial result show how far they have back tracked - which is almost to the level before HTC decide to use Android as an operating system and were still relying completely on Windows Phone.  


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