Tuesday, December 4, 2012

HTC Titan III Could be HTC's Third Windows 8 Smartphone

A reward survey on the Xbox Live to see what is the most sought after device to receive as gifts revealed HTC’s third handset, the Titan III. Although HTC’s Windows Phones 8X can be considered as a high-end device, it it not a match for the likes of Lumia 920, top Android devices or Apple flagship’s iPhone 5.

The main reason of why HTC put an average looking device out early on Windows 8 platform on the market was unclear, as it might be mere scrap attempt by HTC. But now, the logic is that HTC want to release the Titan III later as the Samsung Ativ and Huawei W1 will be released.

The Titan III was put alongside the iPhone 5, Samsung GalaxyS3, Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD and the Nokia Lumia 920. Some experts claimed it might be a typing error as the Titan II is out on the market and it is irrelevant to see the Titan II compare to the other phone features.

 Initially named the HTC Zenith, the Titan III could be the third Windows phone from HTC after the 8S and 8X. It may not even be called the Titan III after all and might be named similar to 8S and 8X. X has been a regular code name for high-end HTC devices and it’s up for debate what the Titan III name would be.

 The HTC Titan III will boast a 4.7-inch 720p display along with a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera and HSPA+ connectivity. Although this kind of specs doesn’t really fit in to what the US consumers which mostly prefer the smartphones with LTE. HTC may opt to release this to European and Asian market..

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