Sunday, February 17, 2013

Upcoming HTC One could feature DSLR camera add-ons from Canon.

All week, HTC has been sending out little tweets that don’t always make much sense. This is sort of the point though, teasing and offering up tid-bits to get the gears turning and keeping their name in the news. However, HTC tweeted this morning – suggesting the possibility that the upcoming HTC One that we are all awaiting to hear about not too long from now, could feature multiple DSLR lens add-ons.

The recently tweeted tweet consist of the image showed below. It looks rather confusing, but a few intriguing things could be seen if observed properly.

The image consist of what-looks-like the HTC One in white and a date 2-19-13 around the eye. This created speculations that circulated the Internet, suggesting that the new HTC One could feature a Retina Display. While that might have sounded possible at that moment, this is what HTC tweeted this morning. Again, with the date listed around the edge of the lens. Though the branding of the lens has been blurred out, we can easily tell it’s a Canon lens.

It was fun deciphering the teases, however, it is obvious that it we will not have more information regarding the upcoming HTC One until Tuesday. While a HTC One with support for Canon DSLR lens add-ons sounds astonishing, we’d suggest that you take this news with a reasonable number grains of salt. We’re pretty excited to see what HTC has to offer on the 19th of February. As usual, stay tuned as more news will be posted as soon as more information is available.

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