Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sexy HTC One doom to fail?

It is no doubt that the HTC One looks great, but Blackberry users are a little familiar with the new smartphone design and see it has just a mere copy of the recently release Blackberry z10 on January 30th.


Though both phones do not differ much in design, the HTC One carries some more advance features. Here are some of the comparisons.

Other than facing Blackberry critics, HTC faces more draconian matters. HTC's design and software teams did a great job creating an attractive and premium-feeling phone, following Apple's love for metal construction and taking it to the next logical progression.

HTC received similar praises last year, but failed to reverse its flagging revenue and profits. HTC has had a history of newsworthy products, but recently the company has shown a troubling habit of getting ignored in the marketplace.

The smartphone industry is definitely a competitive business, HTC lacks marketing firepower that larger rivals like Apple and Samsung posses. "HTC is going up against two of the biggest spenders in the world with intensely loyal followings," said Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis.

HTC  have to start stepping up its game and start being more proactive with its own marketing. It's something the company has always half-heartedly done in the past, but it will have to work harder to develop both the One brand and the HTC name.

HTC is reaching out to BestBuy. BestBuy plans to jointly run some commercials featuring the HTC One, according to AliStair Jones, head of marketing of the big-box retail chain's connectivity business group. He also added that this has been the most resources BestBuy has put behind HTC since the pass 18 months.


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