Friday, February 8, 2013

HTC Teases the M7 with…. a Human Heart

The M7 poster have a very unique feel in it.

What is this? A heart connected to a circuit board? This is gonna scare those who are having hematophobia (the phobia of blood) away. And is that an HTC logo down there? Oh goodness gracious! What have they done?

Okay, huh hmm! (Clearing throat)

Jokes aside, look like HTC is going all out in their marketing effort. Just as I mentioned in an earlier post, CEO of HTC, Peter Chou admitted that HTC wasn’t doing enough on marketing front. HTC’s competitors like Samsung pours billions of dollars to make sure their products stay strong in the consumers’ mind. Thus, whenever someone wants to buy a cell phone, Samsung is almost always the first brand to come up in mind, resulting in big loss of HTC.

HTC is surely wanted to change the game now. The teaser poster appeared on a German forum undoubtedly catches our eye balls easily. The image of a cybernetic heart attached to circuit board and the tagline “Alive Soon” seem to indicate that a new life is getting pumped up in near future. It’s likely tipping the birth of HTC’s next flagship phone, the M7.

HTC has sent an invitation for an event holding on 19 February in New York. The purpose of the event is believed to be the debut of HTC M7. The existence of HTC M7 has been confirmed by none other than Peter Chow himself in a video broadcasted in Taipei. Peter Chow was seen holding the M7 to take pictures of the audience in some kind of year-end party.

More recent rumors of HTC M7 pointed out that it is going to bring brand new sound and camera experience to the consumers. The M7 is claiming to have 13-megapixel rear camera which is made by combining three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers. The camera is said to be able to capture crisper, cleaner images with better color accuracy.

Seeing the teaser poster, I couldn’t wait to see HTC M7 in action. Will the impact of the M7 surpass that of the One X Plus* from last year? This is going to be a great showdown!

*If you want to know more about HTC One X Plus, you can get more information here.

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