Monday, December 17, 2012

HTC Scrapped Large Windows Phone 8 Plan

Here is one piece of bad news for the lovers of large Windows Phone devices, new report claims that HTC decide to scrap its plan to introduce a Windows Phone 8 with a large display screen that could give the likes of Galaxy Note 2 a run for their money.

Bloomberg report that a person familiar with project claim that HTC had killed its plan for a large screened Windows Phone 8 model citing a large display screen would in turn have a lower screen resolution than on that competing phones, including Android models from HTC and Samsung. Although the details about the phone remain unknown but this HTC Windows Phone 8 originally planned to be introduced sometimes next year.

HTC earlier released two large sized Windows phone variant on the AT&T name the Titan and Titan II which come with 4.7-inch 800X480 display. Windows Phone 8 have the capability to support the higher resolution screen which goes up to 1280X768 and 1280X720. Microsoft’s latest OS currently did not include the support for 1080p Full HD screen that can be seen on Android handsets like the HTC Droid DNA and possibly on the Samsung’s next generation of flagship model, the Galaxy S4.

With Samsung and LG also planned to release its own 1080p Full HD Smartphone, HTC would be playing catch-up even before its hit the market.

This news certainly are a bit unfortunate for Windows Phone fans that have been anticipating a Titan-sized windows phone 8 device from HTC mainly after the arrival of the 8X and 8S which was well received and praised for their design and colors


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